With the season of winter formals and holiday parties around the corner, I have been thinking about the school dances of my past—the hours spent picking the right dress, talking about who was wearing what dress, and revealing the dress to my date the day of. I’ve also been thinking about what my perfect dress would have looked like if I had made it myself. But I must be open with you and admit defeat: I am a woman of many talents, but I cannot sew.

Several hours of perusing Tissura’s website certainly made me wish I could be successful at it. Tissura, a chain of fabric and textile boutiques and showrooms, offers silks, satins, tulles and organzas—everything you need to create a stunning outfit. 

Here are some of my visions to give you ideas for your upcoming winter festivities:

  Tissura’s embroidered tulle

Tissura’s embroidered tulle

Embroidered Tulle Fabric 
This sheer tulle fabric features satin stitch bows in an adorable pastel pink, reminiscent of cherry blossom petals. Layer this fabric over a solid color to accentuate the bows. 

Corded Lace
Tissura’s corded lace comes in three colors: turquoise, peach and French (i.e., nude). The lace is a floral pattern with a scalloped edge to add a note of sophistication. I would take the turquoise corded lace and turn it into a fitted mid-line dress to really wow the crowd.

  Tissura’s ombre silk chiffon

Tissura’s ombre silk chiffon

Ombre Silk Chiffon 
There was a phase in my life where I was exclusively seeing ombre. I had ombre sunglasses, ombre pants, ombre hair, ombre shirts and ombre nails. I have dialed back since then, but I still am a huge proponent of ombre. There are three types of ombre fabrics available but I linked my favorite: one that flows from turquoise to light blue to dark blue. The other two are lilac, blue and grey and then orange, red and lilac. I’d make a long flowing, strapless gown with this material. My prom dress junior year was actually a blue ombre dress very similar to this fabric color! 

Satin Chiffon
I don’t want to neglect the short dresses out there! For a shorter look, I turn to the four shades of satin chiffon fabric. Satin chiffon comes in the following colors: chamille yellow, sand beige, sky blue and peach. My personal favorite is the sky blue—gorgeous and light. 

Visit Tissura for more inspiration and let us know what caught your eye!

Cover photo credit: Cata//Unsplash

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