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Fleeting Senses of Culture as a Third Generation Filipina American

It’s Saturday morning on move-in day for my first year of college. All my things are crammed into the trunk, under the seats, and in front of my siblings’...


Growing into my Transracial Adoptee Identity

Lost in a sea of wavy blonde locks and blue irises, my straight black hair and brown eyes set me apart from classmates, teachers and family alike. For as long...


Not Good Enough: Examining the Model Minority Ideal in a Time of Racial Reckoning

Am I like the overseer of a plantation? The question comes to mind during a masked walk in Golden Gate Park, out of the drumbeat of Ahmaud Arbery … George...


Rediscovering my Asian American Heritage

Even without the coronavirus taking 2020 hostage, this year had already been anything but normal for me. In late February, my grandmother, Misao...


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The Creativity and Influence of Nonbinary and Gender-Nonconforming Digital Influencers

Question: Male or Female? Answer: Neither Why should our understanding of gender be confined to only the categories of male and...


Abortion Advocacy as an Asian American: Interview with Aimee Arrambide

Although Roe v. Wade protects a woman’s right to get an abortion, in many states, abortion is already inaccessible. In 2013,...


Arts & Culture

Being Seen: Joanna Ho’s “Eyes” Brings Asian Representation to Picture Books

Joanna Ho's "Eyes that Speak to the Stars" follows an Asian boy who finds a new...


“How We Fall Apart” Toes the Dangerous Line Between Representation & Irresponsibility

"How We Fall Apart" by Katie Zhao is a captivatingly written young adult...


The Vietnamese Creation Myth: Looking to Southeast Asia for Inspiration

Growing up, I looked to Western mythology as inspiration for fantasy and...


Jenny Qi and Kat Chow Grapple with Mother-Loss in Debut Books, “Focal Point” and “Seeing Ghosts”

Journalist Kat Chow and poet Jenny Qi show readers how we can continue our...


Black Allyship

We Cannot Trust White Society With Asian Justice

After the Atlanta spa shooting, I, alongside the feminist collective Asians4Abolition, gathered to mark the horrible hate crime with three vigils: a digital...


Anti-Blackness Harms Our Communities: Finding Solidarity in the Wake of Anti-Asian Violence

Going to Chinatown became self-care trips for me during the global pandemic. These little grocery store outings, where I comforted myself with bubble tea, food...



Interview with Julie Oh: Producing Netflix’s “tick, tick…BOOM!”

Mochi interviews Julie Oh, the producer responsible for Netflix's adaptation of Jonathan Larson's semi-autobiographical musical,...


Hollywood Veteran Liza Lapira Hits The Mark on “The Equalizer”

Filipino American actor Liza Lapira portrays a professional sniper on CBS's "The Equalizer," a show that leads in representation...


Is “Shang-Chi” Worth The Hype?

"Shang-Chi" is not perfect, but is a feel-good film with Asian actors front and center. ...


Pursuing Possibilities With Calista Wu

When I first met the multitalented multihyphenate Calista Wu on the social audio app Clubhouse back in January 2021, I didn’t...



It’s Okay to Break Up with Your Relatives

Families are messy. We fight. We cry. We laugh. For some folks, family means their biological relatives. But for many, family also consists of close friends,...


Emerging Stronger: How to Heal from a Breakup

Recovering from a long-term relationship can be a heartbreaking experience that raises doubt, insecurity, pain, and anger, in addition to dealing with the...


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