Photo credit: Ran Wei, project: presence

Photo credit: Ran Wei, project: presence

Project: presence is a personal communication consultancy that empowers women by helping them “step up, speak up, and rise up.” We talked with founder Ran Wei about how she started coaching women to find confidence and communicate with purpose. 

In her previous career, Wei felt pressured to conform to the standards of the finance industry rather than embrace her differences. After being told by her manager that she was too happy, Wei grew self-conscious about her bubbly and expressive personality. She sought coaching to build confidence in her own style of communication and public speaking, and soon after, she felt strengthened. More conscious of her surroundings, she felt the need to spread the wealth of effective communication. Thus, project: presence began.

Although types of sessions vary, most lessons are taught in person or through video conference stressing the need for visibility to improve body language and fix communication barriers. Today, project: presence has helped many women, including chief operating officers, executives, engineers and more. In the future, project: presence hopes to grow by adding one-on-one coaching, workshops and classes for companies in the near future.

“Nowadays, women have such a strong voice and story to tell,” Wei says. “Because of that, I want project: presence to help women use their voice, be confident and tell their story.”

Project: presence is offering all Mochi readers a free one-hour consultation to help improve your communication and confidence. E-mail with the subject line “Mochi Reader” to claim your complimentary coaching session now!

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