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We aim to give you the content, resources, and inspiration you’ve been searching for — all from our very own unique perspective.

Asian American women are a force to reckon with. Whether we are sweeping up nominations like Sandra Oh or aligning with communities of color like Grace Lee Boggs, we find all celebrations of achievement and pure moments of joy important to share and experience with the larger Asian American community.

“Asian American” was coined in the late 60’s by activists who wanted to rally together all groups of Asian descent under one larger umbrella for greater presence and influence in political matters. The term was first used as the name of a student organization at University of California, Berkeley: Asian American Political Alliance (AAPA). 

Now and throughout history, Asian Americans have come together to demand change and speak out against discrimination. Notable events include the petition for ethnic studies and Asian American studies courses to be taught in colleges, and the protest of the murder of Vincent Chin, a Chinese American man killed by two white men. Amidst the ongoing Asian hate crimes, we have and will continue to collectively mobilize and make our community’s presence and diversity. 


Pervasive stereotypes harm Asians Americans in the United States. The model minority myth that Asian Americans achieve success in society simply by working hard is divisional by design, separating Asians from other communities of color. It also conceals the fact that Asians have the largest income gap in America, erasing the presence of many Asian ethnic groups and refugees who live at drastic poverty levels.

Mochi Mag aims to create a collective community for solidarity and support, while also shedding light on the diverse range of identities that fall under the Asian American umbrella.

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As the longest-running digital publication for Asian American women, we recognize, celebrate, and support Asian American women — inclusive of trans, cis, or gender nonconforming individuals — by amplifying the stories and perspectives of all marginalized genders.​

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Leadership at Mochi

Mochi is run by mighty handful of Asian American women who volunteer their time, energy and writing bringing you thoughtful articles, deep and personal narratives and enlightening interviews with artists, activists and changemakers. 

Giannina Ong

Sarah Jinee Park

Melody Ip

Adelina Sun

How it all started

Mochi Magazine was started in 2008 by Maggie Hsu, Stephanie Wu, and Sandra Sohn. Mochi was founded to provide a community for Asian American teenage girls to access sisterly advice and gain self-esteem. Covering verticals such as entertainment, beauty, relationships, and college…we shared articles from high school peers, college women, young professionals, and other role models.

Fast forward to now. Today, Mochi continues to be an online magazine and community that’s passionate about creating meaningful content to support, inspire and celebrate our fellow Asian American women. And we’re here for any stage of life.

Former Mochi leadership (left to right): Stephanie Wu, Kelly Moon, Jennifer Duann Fultz, Alice Tang, Maggie Hsu
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