Currently accepting submissions about relating, dating, and mating as modern Asian American women. 

We would especially like to cover angles that may not be part of “traditional” cultural discourse around love and marriage, such as queer relationships, blended families, intentional singleness, and breakups/divorce. While we want to celebrate the many ways we find love, we also want to make space for the messy reality of modern relationships.

General Submission Info

We publish short personal essays from AAPI women and non-binary individuals as part of the Our Voices section of our site. Our mission is to help our readers love who they are, so we look for stories that are authentic, relatable, and representative of the diverse identities and experiences of our audience.

Submissions should be between 500-750 words in length and will receive acceptance or rejection as is, so please make sure you are proud of the work you’re submitting. We publish Our Voices on an ongoing basis and review submissions in the order they are received. 

We are grateful for all submissions but are unable to compensate guest contributors at this time. Our staff also work on a volunteer basis, and are not able to respond to every submission. If you do not receive an acceptance within a week, please feel free to pitch elsewhere. Submissions that exceed the word limit or are accompanied by an incomplete form will be automatically rejected.

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