The great thing about podcasts is that whatever subject you’re interested in, there’s a podcast about it. Are you Asian American? Do you have immigrant parents who pushed you to pursue their dream jobs (doctor or lawyer, anyone?) but instead you crushed their dreams and decided to do something else? Did you ever wish you were white because white people were all you saw on TV, and the few Asians you saw were underwhelming?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you should listen to the podcast Asians in the House. Hosted by Agnes Cao, the show explores themes of balancing two different identities of Asian and American, overcoming trying times, and self discovery and fulfillment. Agnes engages in thoughtful conversation sprinkled with humor with her guests, many of whom are well known within their respective industries, and are diverse in their experiences and perspectives.The podcast provides an opportunity for Asian Americans to hear stories from people who look like them and shatter the limited scope of what an Asian American has typically been portrayed as in the media.  

Listen to Asians in the House podcast to hear these strong voices (you can also follow it for updates on Instagram). Perhaps they will inspire, uplift and entertain you, and if nothing else, make you proud of your Asian roots and identity.

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