Why I Chose Yale ScreenshotMost of us have seen them before—bland, stereotypical college admissions videos that attempt to lure in potential students by sending the overly repeated message of strong academics, a diverse student body, and great programs. Been there, done that.
Looking to break this trend of snore-inducing admissions videos is Yale University, which just produced an incredibly original and highly entertaining video entitled “Why I Chose Yale.” The 16-minute clip showcases various Yale students and alumni singing—yes, singing—about why they chose to attend Yale. Students and alumni of various races and backgrounds (Diversity! Check.) prance about and sing passionately about the school’s residential life, classes, cultural houses, student groups—you name it. The video is not only brilliantly creative, amusing and well-made, but it also highlights the true spirit and talent of the school, since it was created entirely by Yale students and alumni.

Sam Tsui

Adding to the video’s appeal is Yale undergraduate and YouTube phenomenon Sam Tsui, whose exhilarating voice covers of Michael Jackson’s songs, Glee’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” and Lady Gaga tunes have garnered him millions of views online and fans all over the world. Sam is part of The Duke’s Men of Yale, a vocal group at Yale, and it’s truly a delight seeing him sing about three minutes into the “Why I Chose Yale” video.

It will be interesting to see whether other universities follow suit and come out with their own creative admissions videos. To learn more about Yale University in general, you can visit their YouTube page here or simply go to You can also check out The Duke’s Men of Yale’s Facebook profile here.

Photos courtesy of Yale University

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