Photo8American Idol season nine contestant John Park, who’s one of just a handful of competitors of Asian descent to appear on the show since its inception in 2002, captured the hearts of millions of viewers with his soulful, deep rendition of Blood, Sweat and Tears’ “I’ll Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know” during the first round of auditions in Chicago. Country singer Shania Twain, who was a guest judge on the show for that day, playfully commented that he had a “beautiful bottom end” in reference to the lower range of his voice. After receiving a unanimous vote, John’s moved on to the next round in Hollywood.
Originally from Northbrook, IL, 20-year-old John Park currently attends Northwestern University, where he’s a member of their acapella group Purple Haze, showing that he not only has vocal talents but brains as well. While it remains to be seen just how far he will go in the competition, there is no doubt that he’s already won himself a legion of female fans and that a bright future lies ahead. You can check out John’s official website, his Facebook fan page which already has over 5,000 members and follow him on Twitter. Watch his American Idol audition video after the jump.


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  2. Shania Twain is way better than taylor swift when it comes to country music.~;.

  3. she can really make great music and oh by the way Shania Twain is also very beautiful with perfectly sculpted teeth~~-

  4. what i do love shania twain is that she has a very pretty face and a good voice`:’

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