The pungent smell of stinky tofu. Bustling crowds making their way through open stalls. These are just some of the images from the 626 Night Market, which took place this past week in Pasadena, California. The event, held for the second time this year, brought nightlife to the usual sleepy town. 626 Night Market is a late-night food festival, mirrored after the night markets found in Asia, where you can find delicious local fare. Organizers of the event combined the idea of Asian night markets with Los Angles street culture. The 626 Night Market had more than 90 pan Asian food vendors, including a few food trucks and numerous mom-n-pop shops.
A few of my favorite dishes were the stinky tofu paired with fermented cabbage, barbecued lamb slices, and fresh spam musubi. Apart from the food, it was great to see people from all backgrounds attend the event and dine on Asian cuisine. Many families arrived together, hoping to sample the various dishes. Groups of friends also huddled around performance areas. The event was a hit, to say the least, and I hope to experience the great food and culture again.

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