At Mochi, we make it our mission to inspire and empower our readers to voice their opinions, follow their passions, and make a difference in their communities. That’s why we’ve recently partnered with (18MR), in an effort to encourage Asian and Pacific Islander Americans to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Founded by Jee Kim and Ian Inaba, 18MR is a new political campaign to help strengthen and empower the APIA voice. There are 18 million Asian Americans—the fastest growing racial group in the United States—but we are one of the most politically underrepresented group with only 55 percent of Asian Americans registered to vote. 
It’s our time, our generation, our country, our world. You make the change, rise up, and vote for what you believe in. Visit the 18MR website for APIA-related information and details on voter registration for this year’s election.

“Ultimately, 18MR is about you, your friends, your cousins, your aunties, your whole community. It’s about making our voices heard…on Election Day, when a Sikh gurdwara is attacked, when an Asian American soldier or student is viciously bullied, when we’re misrepresented in the media or mainstream culture, when Jeremy Lin is called a “chink” (and when he registers his first triple double!), and when one of our APIA elected officials does us proud. 18MR is about us, all 18 million of us.”

As part of our campaign partnership, we’ve added a widget below and on the sidebar of our website. Click on it to get started on registering to vote.

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