I am from fire and water 
Generations of dreams live in me 
Interwoven histories of 
My people 
My story 
I hold the in-between, the interstitial, the liminal 

Umma’s body, broken for me 
The pounding beat of the janggu 
Release our han, our suffering 
Hear our cries, our struggle for justice
Grief poured out, our eucharist 

I am from naengmyun noodles 
Surviving across oceans of resistance
Crossing the border 
Towels rolled over the mouths of children
No sound, no death 
stillness and breath 
God will be with us 

I am from glory and miracles 
A legacy of survivors 
Struggle and revolution 
Dreamers and storytellers 
Hope calls us home 

In my sleep 
I chase dreams with Halmoni
Deep calls to deep 
I pray to my ancestors
What once was lost
Now is found 

Cover photo: Jeong ChanJin/Unsplash


  • Christine Yi Suh (she/they) is a diasporic queer Korean artist, writer, spiritual director, and movement chaplain who works with individuals and organizations at the intersection of identity, justice, creativity, and embodied spirituality. Christine cultivates healing spaces for women of color and gender expansive folks impacted by the violence of white supremacist, settler colonial, patriarchal spiritual abuse and religious trauma. They are the author of "Forty Days on Being a Four," and more of their work can be found at The Nine Beats Collective, The Good Trade, and Korean American Story.

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