Most of us have probably come across the High Expectations Asian Father meme— and most of us have laughed knowingly at the stereotype of the overbearing and unimpressed Asian parent. In a spin-off of this meme, you can even sign up for email or text reminders from High Expectations Asian Father at The Asian Dad to motivate you reach your goals.
My first-generation Chinese father set high standards for me, too—a particular “You’ve got 99 problems…and you have to do all of them” meme comes to mind—and he even has a similar hairstyle and glasses as the man pictured above.  But he wasn’t the epitome of the High Expectations Asian Father, either: He didn’t disown me when I got Bs, nor did he push me to be a doctor.

Since Father’s Day (Sunday, June 16) is this weekend, we thought it’d be fun for everyone to celebrate our Asian fathers, who can be absurd because they’re our fathers and perhaps because sometimes they resemble an Internet meme. Of course, the laughs we get are fond ones, because deep down we do know that our dads only mean best. So share the funniest, most memorable quote from your father or tell us which one’s your favorite High Expectations Asian Father meme with the Twitter hashtag #FathersDay4Asians. We’ll share the best stories on our blog early next week.

Final PSA: Don’t be surprised if you give your dad a Father’s Day card and he asks you for your report card instead!

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