Have you ever made a huge beauty blunder? Whether it’s cutting your own bangs, overtweezing your brows, or color treating on your own hair with several dyes, we all have our share of makeup and hair fallouts. But in the world of beauty blogging, where legions of fans and subscribers are following your every move on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr, the pressure to look perfect and keep up with your appearance can be overwhelming.
So when beauty blogger Juli from Singapore, also known as Bun Bun on the web, shared her severe allergic reaction to a facial, it opened many readers’ eyes to understand that beauty truly is skin deep. After years of battling with acne, scarring, and hyperpigmentation, Juli shared with readers her ups and downs with skincare on her blog. But nothing prepared her for this unprecedented horrific post-facial experience. Within hours after getting her facial, Juli developed small pus-filled pimples around her face. By the next day, her face was filled with barnacles of pimples. Just when she went back to the salon to get the pimples extracted again, her allergic reaction got even worse and she developed a serious acne breakout all over her face. Although Juli still isn’t quite sure about the cause of her allergic reaction, there can be several triggers, including the products applied during the facial, the instruments and tools used, and the extractions.

Despite her horrific facial experience, Juli has learned how to move on and continue what she love and does best—beauty blogging. In her latest post, she writes, “Through the sharing of my story, I have come to personally experience the true human spirit and am humbled and touched by everyone who has opened their hearts and given me warmth.” Even though this traumatizing event has brought down her self esteem, Juli says she has still much to write. We wish her well and look forward to reading her future posts.

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