I have gone apple picking every year since I was a child, but for the past couple of years, “pick your own” fruit has not been solely an autumn activity. The summer is also a great time to reap the benefits of fresh, local, and organic fruit. For pick-your-own farms near you, check here. It is a great outing with friends and family—plus, you’ll have fresh fruit to enjoy.
One of my favorite parts about picking fruit picking is the inevitable cooking I feel inspired to do with my new produce. A few weekends ago, I went blueberry picking on a trip to the Berkshires. I had a lot of fun making a blueberry crisp and some blueberry jam. Many store-bought jams are packed with a ton of sugar, corn syrup, or use artificial sweeteners. I always try to find the brands that use less sugar and contain minimal ingredients. But this time, I decided to make my own! I followed this honey sweetened blueberry jam recipe from 100 Days of Real Food.

My bounty of fresh blueberries:

Once you mash the blueberries and add the honey and lemon juice, it’s a matter of bringing it to a boil, and then stirring it until it thickens (10-15 minutes)

Once it has thickened, you can add it to little jars, let them cool, and then store in the fridge. If you want them to keep for longer, then you have to properly can them, but I plan on using my fairly quickly so I did it the simple way.

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