April is known as Stress Awareness Month and now that it’s coming to an end, we’d like to make sure you stay stress-free for the rest of the year, or for life. Napping can be one of the best ways to recharge and energize for the remainder of the day. Just make sure you’re keeping your naps to less than two hours (ideally 30 minutes or less), or you’ll end up with that groggy feeling.

Casper, a direct-to-consumers business startup, focuses entirely on making the perfect mattress, sheets, and pillows. They’ve created a napping graphic to really drive home the importance of napping right, which we’re excited to share below.

It goes without saying that sleep is super important for taking care of your physical and mental health. In our upcoming Spring issue, we’ve got several articles focusing on the best sleep hygiene tips and the use of melatonin for sleep. Stay tuned for more on that in a few weeks.

Until then, nap on!

Photo credit Monkeymashbutton via Flickr
Infographic courtesy of Casper

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