Photo Credit:  Phasut Warapisit  /

Photo Credit:  Phasut Warapisit  /

Spending four or five months exploring a foreign country is a rare opportunity, so it should be no surprise that many college students consider studying abroad before graduating and entering the workforce. Interestingly, only about one-tenth of college students choose to study abroad in Asia despite the professional benefits gained from getting to know Asian languages and culture. After all, China, Japan and other Asian countries are increasingly playing significant roles in international politics and the global economy.

Perhaps students pass over Asia in favor of their European study abroad counterparts, which seem to be more definitive of the fun college study abroad experience. We interviewed students who studied abroad in Shanghai, Tokyo, Nagoya and Hong Kong and had them share their experiences and insights into the cultures that make Asian countries the global powerhouses they are today. Check out their responses in our special study abroad series.

Shanghai, China: “A unique city that’s a collision of the new and the old.”
Tokyo, Japan: “An eclectic mixture of Japanese culture, international business, technology and popular entertainment.”
Nagoya, Japan: “Foreigner-friendly” and a surprisingly “international experience.”
Hong Kong: “A lot of Western influence in every aspect—food, fashion and architecture.”

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