Growing up in a traditionally Asian home, it’s almost second nature for me to kick off my shoes the moment I reach the carpet in my dorm room. In fact, living in eternally sunny California, I’ve resorted to tossing off my flip flops whenever I get the chance—in class, at work, at my friends’ dorms—and I always take the opportunity to go solely on my soles for as long as possible.
I enjoy the feeling of a clean floor or carpet under my feet, so having a personal shoes-off policy is a win-win on my part. Preventing extra dirt from getting into the room in the first place saves an extra couple swipes with the vacuum, and even though I don’t enforce this shoes-off policy with my roommate and visitors, the room remains tidy because I clean to de-stress.

Of course, some people just don’t like feet and prefer to keep their shoes on until they crawl under the covers, and others switch to dorm-specific slippers once they get through the door. I’m sure there’s many a sanitary reason to keep foot rubbers on—you are living in a college dormitory, after all.

A friend of mine reports that he takes at least his shoes off in his room whenever he remembers. “It’s not like it matters whether I do or not, it’s just that I’m not going to let my feet ferment more than they have to in my shoes since they stink already.”

“It’s just dirrrty,” another friend said, giving me a frown of disapproving disgust when asked why she entertains a no-shoe policy. She has even invested in a shoe rack that sits right by the door, a steadfast reminder that everyone should take off their shoes before stepping foot into her apartment.

I wondered about the general public opinion of footwear in dormitories, and conducted a quick survey within my college. Out of the 55 people that answered my survey, 73 percent didn’t wear shoes inside. Of those that chose to remove shoes and/or socks in the dorm, 43 percent did so for comfort, 20 percent did so for cleaner floors, a small 4 percent did so for cultural reasons, and the remaining 28 percent cited other reasons for doing so.

What about you? Are you a barefoot soldier trekking your way to the bathroom and back? Or do you slip on socks to get by? Maybe for you it depends on the weather outside, or perhaps you’re chill with everything and let your roommate decide how it’s going to be? (Whatever the case, wherever you are, I hope that you feel at home.)

Tell us about your shoe statutes in the comments!

Image credit: Leland Francisco via Flickr

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