Photo Credit: Clarisonic

Photo Credit: Clarisonic

Why use a hand towel to wash your face when a device can buff away dead skin cells in seconds? Why use a wrinkle cream when you can use a wrinkle-zapping device that will minimize the appearance of fine lines in a matter of minutes? And waxing—would you go through the hassle of pain and discomfort if you could have a pain-free, heat-infused hair-removal device? I think not.

Beauty gadgets and gizmos galore are replacing our basic, daily beauty routine more than ever—and why wouldn’t they? Read below to discover beauty in all of its technological glory.

Clarisonic *Mochi Beauty Editor’s Pick!*

Those who are willing to spend a little extra cash will find a handsome reward with Clarisonic’s breakthrough skincare technology. The Clarisonic removes six times more makeup than regular face-wash. It also helps reduce dry skin patches, oily areas, blemishes, and can be used daily, for all skin types. It comes with a “sensitive skin” detachable brush head that will gently buff away dirt and oil, and includes three cleansers (Refreshing gel, Nourishing gel, and Hydrocare).

Price: $195 at

Neutrogena Wave

For a wallet-friendly cleanser, try the Neutrogena Wave instead. The Wave has a built-in refillable foam cleanser and amotion massage brush, which allows the product to remove dirt, makeup and oil. The product can be used in the shower and is also gentle enough for daily use.

Price $15.99 at

No! No!

This compact gadget is a portable and sleek hair removal device that uses Thermicontechnology -a gentle heat wave that destroys hair painlessly and without irritation – resulting in 64 percent less hair re-growth.

Price: $175 at

Dr. Perricone Light Renewal

For those wanting to improve skin tone and texture or to soften pesky wrinkles and fine lines, Dr. Perricone Light Renewal was developed to gently and effectively do just that – all for a price, of course.

Price: $270 at

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