Photo Credit: Nintendo

Photo Credit: Nintendo

Technology has become a necessity in our everyday life and is continuing to expand its role. Following this trend, Nintendo invented a way to virtually work out by watching a television screen and performing various movements on a board. Wii Fit, which came out last year, is designed to be a nonconventional way of exercising.


Wii Balance Board-where all of Wii Fit’s activities are performed

The Body Test:

This test is designed to assess the user’s athletic ability. It begins by checking your center of balance and body mass index. To do so, you stand on the center of the Wii Balance Board with feet spread shoulder-width apart. The Wii will then tell you where your center of balance is based on your posture. For example, if you exert more pressure on the right side of your body when standing up, your center of balance is slightly to the right. The Wii will also provide tips on how to correct your posture, such as suggesting types of exercises you could do. After your center of balance and BMI is calculated, two random balance tests are given, which results in a Wii Fit Age. If you are as fit as a 21-year-old, then your Fit Age will be 21. Your Fit Age can change if you retake the Body Test after becoming more or less in shape. You can track your progress by saving your Body Test results on Wii Fit’s calendar.

The Wii Fit Bank:

The more activities you perform, the more Fit credits will be added to your Fit Bank. The more Fit credits you have, the more activities will be available to you.

The Work Out:

There are more than 40 activities you can do with a Wii Fit. The four main categories are yoga, balance, aerobics, and strength training. With yoga, you can learn how to master the tree and warrior poses. Head-bumping a virtual soccer ball and doing ski jumps are part of balance training while lunges and side planks make up part of strength training. Aerobics exercises include swiveling an imaginary hula-hoop around your waist.


Wii Fit acts like a personal trainer because it shows you how to properly perform certain exercises and tells you which activities you should do to achieve your fitness goals. During and after each activity, you will be given feedback on your performance. As you progress in your training, the level of difficulty increases and more activity options will become available. For example, harder yoga poses will become available to you after you master basic poses. After each activity, you will also be given a star rating on your performance. You can then compare your rating to those of the other people who played Wii Fit.


The Wii Fit costs approximately $90 and can be purchased online or at stores such as Best Buy.

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