Korean beauty has become a major trendsetter in the world stage of cosmetics and skincare. So much that now, many beauty bloggers have used it as a platform to become experts in these wunderkind BB cushion compacts, sheet masks, cleansing sticks, and essences. Kerry Thompson, creator of Skin & Tonics, and Coco Park, also known as The Beauty Wolf, are the K-beauty whisperers, navigating their readers through the ins and outs of every kelp mask, oil cleanser, and salmon dark circle concealer. And like a dual bronzer-blush, the two have tag-teamed on their expertise to come out with the ultimate guide aptly named Korean Beauty Secrets: A Practical Guide to Cutting-Edge Skincare & Makeup, which releases in November of this year.
“I knew I could write about skincare,” says Thompson when she got an email about an opportunity to write a Korean beauty book. “But I wanted a true makeup expert for the color cosmetics piece of the book. I asked to bring in Coco to cover Korean makeup.”

Thompson has known Park for a number of years and felt that she was the best person to write about Korean makeup. Park had a long history of working in all levels of the beauty industry. The duo share a serious passion of Korean beauty and believe that skincare is the foundation for a great makeup look.

Park emphasizes, “Korean beauty is very much based on starting with a flawless skin canvas, and then everything else is the icing on the cake. You can fake it ’til you make it, but beautiful skin is the basis for everything.”

 Kerry Thompson’s skincare routine

Kerry Thompson’s skincare routine

 Coco Park’s makeup

Coco Park’s makeup

From snail creams to bee venom moisturizers, there’s no telling what the Korean beauty industry will come up with next, but the idea of convenience and smart packaging with aesthetic appeal is paramount.

Thompson says, “I’m seeing a lot of variations of familiar things lately. For example, the cushion compact concept has now carried over into lipsticks, blushes, and even eyeliners. Snail products have only gotten better due to their popularity, and then there are exciting, outside-the-box ingredients, such as donkey milk, making appearances in masks and creams. It’s a never-ending parade of awesome!”

What Korean beauty looks are they into now? Park loves the semi-matte look, where you add just a touch of highlighter around the cheeks and orbital bones. As for Thompson, she’s inspired by the celebrity Korean makeup artist Pony’s look called “Golden Rosy.” If you like the bronzed goddess look with a touch of rosy, pink lips, you need to get on this bandwagon.

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