Fans of all ages gathered at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 31-Aug.2. Korean culture’s fan base has exploded in recent years, particularly with the growing popularity of Korean beauty vloggers, K-dramas and K-pop music online. It’s truly a cultural movement that is rapidly spreading across the globe.
We had the chance to sit in on a beauty panel with Soko Glam’s founders and Estee Lauder’s newest global beauty contributor, Irene Kim. Kim has gained so much fame over the last few months thanks to her killer fashion sense, beauty tips, modeling career and, more recently, her role as global beauty contributor for beauty conglomerate Estee Lauder.

She’s even more adorable in person than you can imagine: strutting around in a denim pant suit, Kim has perfect unicorn-colored hair, a fresh face of light makeup, and amazing style.

Was your end goal always to model? I think anything related to fashion was something I always found interest in.

How did your role at K-Style come about? I was asked to join as the co-host with Amber for the show, which is all about Korean culture, based on the look they needed. I happen to also be bilingual so it worked out perfectly.

What are your thoughts on the Estee Lauder global beauty contributor role? It’s been such an eye opener. The Korean culture has been getting such great recognition and I’m so happy to be a part of this movement. I aim to always be myself and so far it’s worked and brands are coming to me with ideas.

Let’s talk about your hair. In the beginning I got bored with my black hair so I decided to dye the ends blonde myself. In Korea at the time I wanted the ombre look, which wasn’t a trend just yet. Then a girl copied me and so I dyed my hair blue. Nowadays I dye it once every two weeks.

What are a few trends in Korea at the moment? In Korea the look is all about looking pure and fresh faced.

What are your beauty secrets? Make sure to remove makeup every night, cleanse, tone, and use a lot of sunblock.

What are your must have beauty products? Mascara, peachy coral pink lip tint, and eyeliner.

What about favorite fashion items? I love denim, accessories – I always have 10 rings on my fingers, a good black basic boot.

To see more info on Irene Kim, follow her on Instagram at @ireneisgood.

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