As Mochi magazine celebrates its fifth anniversary, we invite all of our readers to join us on Saturday, March 2 from 2 to 5 pm at The BaubleBar Unwrapped in New York City. If you recall our “Faces of Mochi” event two years ago, we hosted our first networking party at Follie Follie for the launch of our “Pioneer” Issue. Since then, we’ve been hard at work launching four more issues, and in a sense, we have changed our face too. We changed our tagline from “empowering Asian American teenage girls” to “empowering Asian American women”; we also gave our website a face lift and re-designed the layout, templates, and navigation menu.

And to help ring in the new year, we decided to create a “Self-Made” issue, where we’ll present our top picks for bloggers, YouTube artists, designers, and entrepreneurs who are truly self made and have pioneered a new way of thinking, a new way of living for the rest of us. We couldn’t have thought of any two people who are more self made than our co-hosts Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky. the women who created BaubleBar. Jain and Yacobovsky launched BaubleBar, which celebrates its 2nd birthday today, after they quitting their demanding jobs in finance and realized that fashion and jewelry was their true passion. Elsa Pfaff, a Marketing Coordinator at BaubleBar, told me how the idea of creating The Bar at BaubleBar came up. “They wanted to create a real-time experience for their online customers to see their jewelry pieces in person and also create a fun atmosphere for shoppers,” Pfaff says. If you look at the BaubleBar homepage, you’ll notice different collections are displayed on the carousel. BaubleBar is a unique online jewelry business because they make trends; the team at BaubleBar works with established as well as up-and-coming jewelry designers to create collections on the site.

“I would say that we are heavily social media-driven and go to our favorite bloggers to see what they’re wearing. We always want to know what people are wearing because ultimately, that’s what people are buying,” Pfaff says.

If you share the BaubleBar and Mochi entrepreneurial spirit, come join us on Saturday, March 2 from 2 pm-5 pm EST at The BaubleBar Unwrapped on 344 West 14th Street at 9th Avenue for a private shopping event. We’ll be popping bubbly to celebrate! All Mochi attendees will receive a 15 percent discount for all BaubleBar items. Reserve your tickets here.


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