If there’s one beauty thing I’ve never mastered, it’s hair. After years of learning how to perfect the cat eye, contouring the heck out of my cheekbones, and dissecting all there is to know about snail cream, there’s still a deep hole in my understanding for hair. Admittedly, it’s the last thing I think about when I get ready in the morning. So when Chris Pham, owner of Menkoi Hair Salon in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and founder of Menkoi, a natural hair care line, approached me about doing a review of some of the products, I was more than thrilled to try them out. It was an added bonus to hear that the products are free of parabens, artificial coloring, and harsh chemicals. Even the labels on the packaging are printed with vegetable-based inks, as opposed to petroleum-based inks which are made with a non-renewable resource and release harmful emissions in the environment. Matte


As someone with thick, pin-straight hair, creating curls that stick is quite a challenge. But Menkoi’s smooth wax gave my wavy tresses staying power. I like to take a small glob of product (about a tablespoon) and apply it on moist hair, combing it with my fingers, before curling. The wax gives the curls the hold that they need without over-drying them. Made with mango butter, rice bran oil, and grape seed extract, the matte wax is also nourishing. Rice bran oil contains vitamin E, which gives hair a healthy shine and helps prevent breakage.

Fragrance Mist

My exercise schedule is a bit sporadic during the week. Sometimes, I’ll take a fitness class in the evening or wake up early to squeeze a quick workout in if I have an event after work. This is a recipe for disaster for my hair, which often becomes oily and flat from sweat. If I don’t have time to shower after a yoga class, I like to use the fragrance mist to give my hair a boost and infuse it with a refreshing scent. It doesn’t hurt that the mist is made with green tea extract and witch hazel, which has been shown to help balance the oils in your scalp so your hair doesn’t fall flat and helps reduce frizz.


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