Halloween is right around the corner, which means that we’re well into the fall season. I’ve been enjoying traditional autumn flavors of pumpkin, caramel apple, and spicy cinnamon, so I was really excited when I saw that Bon Appetit blended my two favorite things: crisp fall apples and nail polish. Take a two-minute break from whatever you’re doing and try the “nail polish or apple breed” quiz—it’s much harder than you’d think it would be, but super entertaining. Tweet us at @mochimag #makeupmonday and let us know what you love about fall!

Bold lips 101

Deep, bold lips are an easy way to transform your whole look, whether for just a day or for the whole season. But you don’t have to go for an intense vampy look to match the cool weather. Beauty High compiled a great list of 10 things no one ever tells you about bold lipstick. Swiping your finger between lips to avoid getting lipstick on your teeth has been a real lifesaver! For the online shopper in me, I also love (and can’t wait to try) the suggestion for dealing with an unflattering shade. Also check out Glamour’s roundup of 3 pretty red lipsticks straight from the red carpet for ideas on which shades to shop for. What bold lip colors have you been wearing?

Spice up your manicure

Nail art never gets old! With Halloween less than two weeks away, it’s definitely not too early to start showing some spooky spirit. To get you inspired, Stylite has rounded up a few Halloween nail art looks for you to try—there’s a cutely subtle candy corn nail, a gruesome blood-splattered nail, and an intricate spider web nail. And if Halloween isn’t your thing but you still want more than a basic mani, that’s cool too: Japan-born nail artist Britney Tokyo created a strong, futuristic look for Sephora’s Formula X. Definitely bookmarking Britney’s look for future reference.

Myth busters: Beauty edition

There are so many questionable beauty myths out there, like promoting oral health and whitening teeth by swishing coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes (“oil pulling”; there’s an interesting account here but I’m still pretty skeptical). And then there are those myths that beauty companies want us to believe (i.e. “You can repair split ends if you buy this really expensive product!”). To help you navigate around these claims, Beautylish busted 5 common beauty myths related to hair and skin. Personally, I’m relieved that you can’t train your hair to be less oily, since I’m definitely not willing to give up my daily showers (ugh, the woes of having Asian hair). Which of these myths were you most surprised by?

Genius beauty innovations

I’ve developed a lot of skepticism about beauty product claims, both from reading about the science behind hair, skin, and nails, and—I’ll admit—spending too much money on some miracle product that ends up being a huge disappointment. In their October issue, the gals at Birchbox have looked at some game-changing beauty products and investigated how they work. For example, theBalm’s Stainiac ($17) has a gel base, so it doesn’t dry right away and leave you with awful streak-stained cheeks. Check out the science behind your favorite beauty products—who knew science could be so glamorous!

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