This Thursday, New York Fashion Week kicks off once again, giving us something to look forward to for the fall. Until then, check out Fashionista’s roundup of 15 couture beauty looks, and then get excited for all the gorgeous hair and makeup we’re bound to see. Will you be following NYFW? Let us know which shows you’re most excited about at @MochiMag #MakeupMonday.
Better than flowers

With Valentines Day around the corner, blogs are inundated with gift guides, fashion inspiration, and beauty advice. I really appreciated BellaSugar’s roundup of 10 rose-inspired beauty buys that are better than actual flowers. The featured sweet-scented beauty treats are perfect indulgences that will keep you feeling pampered well past Valentines Day. And who says you can’t practice a little self-care on a day dedicated to love?

Korean magic

BB creams aside, Asian beauty products have been becoming increasingly popular here in the States. To help you get ahead of the next Asian-inspired beauty craze, Refinery 29 shares nine Korean beauty gems. From a brightening exfoliator to adorable sponge hair rollers, these products would be excellent supplements to your beauty arsenal. The best part? There’s no need to leave the country. All of these items are available online.

Chemistry 101: Acids

Sometimes the ingredients on beauty labels can sound scary or downright unrecognizable. Thankfully, Allure’s “6 Things You Didn’t Know About Acids” helps to demystify one of the most ubiquitous beauty elements. This quick read breaks down the different acids on the market and debunks a beauty myth or two, while helping you learn how to take advantage of their benefits and improve your beauty routine.

Smooth hands

It’s no secret that the frigid temperatures we’ve been experiencing are super drying to skin. Unfortunately, hands are even more prone to losing moisture from all the hand washing we do. Superstar hand lotions that deeply moisturize without leaving annoying greasy residue can be hard to find, but Real Simple has some recommendations that’ll keep your hands baby soft throughout this brutal winter. An extra tip: To remember to actually use your hand lotion, keep multiple tubes around your house (i.e. by the bed, in your purse, on your desk…).

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