I’m super excited that the sun is coming out and the temperature is warming up. This week, I’m bookmarking ideas and tips that I can’t wait to try this season. How are you preparing for spring? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @MochiMag #MochiMM. Have a great week!

Sandal Ready Feet

I’ve been shopping for new sandals for the spring and summer, which means that I’m getting my feet ready to be seen. Glamour shared three great tips for perfecting your pedicure for peek-a-boo shoe season.

Pro Tips

I cannot resist slideshows and articles of pro beauty tips and beauty hacks—anything to help makeup application look flawless or cut down grooming time. I was super excited to see Refinery 29’s roundup of 40 quick tips from the pros, which also includes multi-tasking beauty buys. Who knew you could mix beauty oil into foundation to make your face more glowy?

Master the Bobbi Pin

Bobbi pins can do great things, but they can also be quite tricky to use. Elle shares 20 ways to make the most out of your Bobbi pins. Spraying your Bobbi Pins with dry shampoo or hairspray for a better grip is something that everyone should be doing. But this list also features some awesome hairstyle hacks, like number 7, the hair twist. I’ll definitely start employing some of these tips!

Beauty Experiments

Take advantage of your 20s with bold beauty risks — Harper’s Bazaar can help. Check out these ideas for embracing your flawless skin and trying out orange lips… But be sure to take care of your skin and hair throughout your youth — your older self will thank you for it. Definitely incorporate hot pink nails into your spring look; I’m loving Butter London’s Cake Hole ($15), a nearly neon pink.

What spring beauty tips have you got to share, readers?

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