In high school, I had a teacher who claimed that for all intents and purposes, the month was over after the 10th. It’s baffling to see that we’re well into November and that the holidays are right around the corner—time really does fly. For me, it’s always important to begin holiday planning early so the busy season doesn’t creep up and overwhelm me. I’m already starting to bookmark some helpful links I can reference during the upcoming weeks—like these glam beauty tips, this holiday nail polish guide, and these adorable hair accessories. When do you start prepping for the holidays? Let us know your secrets in the comments or tweet us at @MochiMag #MochiMM. Have a great week!

Cleanse with coal

Charcoal is a beauty underdog—it’s a great detoxifier that absorbs impurities. In fact, activated charcoal is often used to treat poisoning—but you don’t have to be sick to reap its benefits. Daily Candy rounded up nine cleansing products that feature this beauty superstar. GLAMGLOW’s Super Mud ($69) fights a whole host of skin concerns like blackheads and in-grown hairs, while the charcoal-infused bristles of Binchotan’s Charcoal Toothbrush ($6.80) remove plaque and ward off harmful bacteria. Have you taken advantage of charcoal yet?

Punched up ponies

I hate to admit it, but I’m not a hair girl. After my shower, I can’t be bothered with products (besides thisleave-in conditioner) and, unfortunately, I can’t blame my lack of styling skills on the morning time crunch. By the end of most days, I’ve mindlessly tied my hair back into a ponytail. For those stylistically challenged (and/or those who need their hair out of their faces), xoVain has posted two great ways to perk up a boring pony… and they’re both super easy ideas that look much more polished. So excited to try these!

Lipstick: deconstructed

This is probably the nerd in me, but I like knowing what’s in my beauty products and what those ingredients are doing. Beautylish published an awesome guide to the anatomy of lipsticks, and you can definitely learn a lot! Though the article just skims the surface of the science behind the product, I now have a better idea of what’s in my tube of lipstick. At least not everything will look so foreign to me when I skim the ingredients list!

The history of a classic

Styles come and go but some things are forever, like the little black dress. In the beauty world, that staple has to be the French manicure. Harper’s Bazaar has a great history of the French manicure, detailing the twists we’ve seen made to the classic in recent years, like the reverse French. I’ll definitely be bookmarking this—in addition to showcasing different looks, the story also breaks down how to re-create each manicure. I’m loving the “Glitterati,” which is so festive for the upcoming holidays.

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