You might say Danny Seo was born to be ‘green’ — as fate would have it, his birthday falls on Earth Day. Coincidence? Maybe, but at the age of 12, Danny started what has become one of the largest teenage environmental nonprofits. By age 18, he wrote an autobiography, which details his unique ideas for green living and won the hearts of the public. Since then, Danny has become one of the most sought after green lifestyle consultants, but he didn’t stop there. He recently expanded into beauty products and gave new meaning to the idea of living a 100% green lifestyle.

We talked to Danny to learn more about his take on green beauty and just what it takes to become a champion for all-around eco-friendly living.

What inspired you to create a beauty and bath line? And why make it green?

All of my products are created out of desperation. When I can’t find something in the marketplace that I love, I figure there are others who are seeking them, too. So, I create product lines thinking about how I can do it right, sustainably, beautifully and at a price point everyone can afford. Wholearth is just that: it’s green from the inside out and keeps the entire planet in mind. We use 100% post-consumer recycled packaging and our formulas feature some of the very first USDA certified organic seals of approval. I’m particularly proud of our fine fragrance collection. They all smell delicious, can be layered and are totally organic. No harmful artificial fragrances, preservatives or carcinogens in this line! You don’t need to poison yourself to smell great.

What does “sustainable beauty products” mean to you?

We don’t think about the fact that many products we use go down the bathroom sink or shower drain and end up in our water supply, taking hundreds of years to biodegrade. Most products are far from natural and they have to go somewhere.

Where do you see the beauty industry headed in terms of being eco-friendly?

I’m all about USDA-certified organic designations. This is a strict program from the USDA that mandates ingredients must be grown without chemical pesticides. And then from the farm to factory to fill station, the ingredients must all be certified as organic as well. When customers see that mark, they know they are getting the real, green deal.

How would a teenager interested in the green movement break into the industry?

You’ve got to lead with your values first and business intentions second. The green lifestyle business is all about authenticity. We’re in it to save the planet and promote sustainability. If you can keep your message and intentions pure, the money will come. The business mentality has to be secondary or you’re going to totally miss the point of the green movement.

You can find the entire Wholearth skin care line, which includes all-natural, organic perfume, decadent body soufflé, bamboo body scrub, and certified organic body wash and lotion, at Check out Danny’s blog,, for tips, ideas, and projects, and follow him on twitter at

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