There might not be a better nail invention ever created than Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects – Real Nail Polish Strips. The product has been creating a big buzz on the beauty blogs and there’s a good reason why. These nail strips are not only faster to apply and dry quicker than regular nail polish, but they take out the work in nail design and make wearing prints on your nails easy and fun. And speaking of nail trends, animal prints aren’t just for your handbags, fur coats, shoes, and clothing. Now you can wear your favorite leopard, zebra, or cheetah print on your nails. It’s sophisticated, chic, and edgy at the same time. What a glorious thing, right?

For the best results, cut, shape, and clean your nails before applying the nail strips. Remove any existing nail polish on your nails to ensure that the strips stick and last. Choose a strip that best fits your nail shape and size and remove the adhesive tape. Using the wooden stick that comes in the package, pin down the tape onto your nail and press down. Then, sculpt your nails using a nail file and remove the excess. For a more detailed step-by-step tutorial, watch this how-to video.

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