Many of you may recognize South Korean actor Lee Min Ho, the face of the hot 2009 Korean television drama, “Boys Over Flowers,” or more recently from the action drama “City Hunter.” We found out that his oh-so-beautiful face will once more be seen in a new drama—as a part of a Toyota ad campaign. Yes, that’s right. According to Toyota, “Lee Min Ho exudes the same characteristics” as the “reinvented 2012 Toyota Camry” with “bold, handsome, and sophisticated styling.”
“Both are regarded as ‘the one and only’ in their class, and Toyota is absolutely thrilled with the collaboration,” said David Chung, national manager of targeted advertising and strategy. The idea was created to specifically hone in on the Asian American market by exploiting the popularity of both Lee Min Ho and the Korean drama fever that has spilled over from Asia to America.

Four mini-episodes will be released over the coming weeks on, showcasing the sexiness that is Lee Min Ho alongside features of the new Camry. I watched the first episode, and it has a very stereotypical Korean drama plot (I won’t give anything away), but what more can you expect from an ad campaign? I have always found blatant car advertising in TV shows a bit gross, but in this case, the car utilizes a TV series model, so I can’t really criticize. In fact, it’s brilliant, and Toyota has already succeeded in my opinion. After watching the first episode, I now know the Camry has a touchscreen option to listen to Pandora! Oh wait, was I not supposed to give that away either?

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  1. Can’t wait to see it!! Wasn’t tt big on the Korean Boys Over Flowers (had the hottest Boys Over Flowers cast to date though!) but want to watch City Hunter. heard tons of good things about it!

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