Rarely do I get the kitchen confused with my bathroom, but the more I use edible groceries as beauty products, the more this becomes a problem. The best of both worlds? Extra virgin olive oil. I could probably go on for days about the various uses of extra virgin olive oil, but for now I’ll stick to its brilliant use as a deep conditioner for long, straight, Asian hair.
I can’t testify for other types of hair (coarse, curly, etc.), but for many Asian girls this conditioner will leave your hair shiny, soft and luscious. It’s also chemical-free, dirt cheap and far more accessible than regular hair masks.

All you have to do is make sure your hair is slightly damp, pour some extra virgin olive oil (organic, please!) onto your hands, and use your palms to rub it into your hair, starting halfway down, working your way to the tips. Avoid your scalp and roots, as it may cause your hair to look oily the next day. Tie your hair up in a bun, place a towel over your pillow to prevent oil stains, and have a good night’s rest. The next morning, take a hot shower, leaving your hair in a shower cap for the first half. Then, be sure to shampoo extra thoroughly to get all the residue out. Let your hair air-dry, then enjoy running your fingers through your hair for the rest of the day!

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