Mother’s Day is this Sunday, so if you haven’t yet thought of how to show your appreciation for the important women in your life, it’s getting close to crunch time. Here are some creative ideas to help you out.

Handmade creations. It’s always the little things that count, so making a card from scratch is the perfect, least expensive way to show you care. Get construction paper, and if you’re not artistically inclined, stick with making geometric-shaped patterns in different colors as a creative background for the card. Add a little extra something by hole-punching the card and threading some ribbon through it, which you could buy at any art supply store. Make it personal by attaching a photo of you and your mom, and don’t forget to write a heartfelt note inside.

Send an e-card. Can’t make it home for Mother’s Day? E-cards are a great way of demonstrating you care, wherever you are. Some online sites ask you to start a “free trial” but here are few sites you can use to customize a card and send it for free.—Unlimited message space, great variety—Less sel.ection, but very cute and touching images—Funny and simple messages

Choose something nerdy. Check out, which lists 10 items in a nerd’s guide to Mother’s Day gifts. My pick is the vintage dictionary art print from Etsy, which is relatively cheap and unique.

Keep the surprises coming. Leave sticky notes throughout the house where your mom is sure to notice, like on the shower door, her bedroom mirror, or the fridge, each containing a different memory you share or a quality that you love about her. Add a little extra spin on a time-honored tradition by having the last one at the end of the day attached to a vase of flowers.

Regardless of what you decide to do or give your mother on Mother’s Day, just be sure to call her or give her an extra long hug, because the job of appreciating what our mothers do never really ends.

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