Big Hero 6 is guaranteed to be at the top of the box office charts come November 7. We had the opportunity to catch the screening to watch the magic of Disney and Marvel unfold at Disney Studios in Burbank, CA. Big Hero 6 is the perfect mashup of two of the largest entertainment companies in the world, especially if you read comics as a kid and grew up watching Disney movies. To avoid any spoiler alerts, we’ll keep this short and sweet. Here are a couple reasons this movie gets a thumbs up and is an absolute must-see:

  1. Baymax, the movie’s main character, is a marshmallow-y, cuddly, friendly, and adorable robot. How could you not love this guy?
  2. The nerd stereotype is completely thrown out the window, and gives nerds a spotlight under which to shine. And yes, it is actually cool and respectable to be smart and passionate about technology or math.
  3. Ryan Potter, Daniel Henney, and Jamie Chung are a few of the Asian Americans on the star-studded cast, along with Damon Wayans, Jr., TJ Miller, and Genesis Rodriguez.
  4. The Big Hero 6 team is multicultural! Each character is of a different ethnicity, which makes it easier for kids and adults of all backgrounds to better relate to the movie.
  5. There are tons of action scenes (and some nice Easter eggs) for the comic book fans, as well as laughs and plenty of room for emotions—maybe even a tear or two.

Check out the Big Hero 6 trailer here and schedule a movie date with Baymax and his friends once the movie is released on November 7. Watch the exclusive interviews below with Daniel Henney, Ryan Potter, Jamie Chung, and Damon Wayans Jr.



Jamie Chung and Damon Wayans Jr.

Daniel Henney & Ryan Potter


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