FlashForward_Fiennes_Cho_disaster-thumb-550x367-24129The folks at Fuji TV traveled to South Korea to investigate and compare how Korean and Japanese men differ in views of men getting cosmetic surgery. That’s right — the cosmetic surgery hype in Asia is gaining popularity even among men now, not just women. Survey shows that most Japanese men have a problem with the idea, while Korean men see no problem with getting cosmetic surgery. 76% of South Korean women had no problem with the idea either. What do you think of ‘plastic men’? Is there a double standard for men? [via Japan Probe]
ABC is suspending production on “FlashForward” for six days. This news comes after the announcement that their co-showrunner and executive producer, Marc Guggenheim, will be leaving the series. Not sure what all this implies for the future of the show, but we sure want to see more of Detective Demtri Noh, played by John Cho.  [via Vulture—New York Magazine]

Beware of sushi rip-offs in NYC! A recent study found that “nineteen of 31 restaurants erroneously described or failed to identify the sushi they sold.” Some restaurants have even been selling escolar, a fish known to cause diarrhea, masqueraded as tuna. Oh, the deceit! But then again, many of us probably wouldn’t even know the difference. [via Gothamist]

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