miley-cyrus-racistThe $4 billion lawsuit filed by Lucie Kim against Miley Cyrus for the infamous photo of her and various Disney stars slanting their eyes to imitate Asians has been dismissed. The lawsuit was class-action, and claimed that Miley violated a statute that doesn’t allow businesses to discriminate against minorities. Though the photo was in poor taste, it was deemed that the photo had not broken any laws.
The dismissal is fair: it’s grasping at straws to claim the photo was illegal. The Internet is rife with worse fodder and singling out a then-16-year-old, even if she is a public figure, seems a bit ludicrous.

The real problem at hand though, isn’t the dismissal but her reaction to the media outrage last February. Miley posted a half-hearted apology that she was sorry if people “looked at those pics and took them the wrong way.” Instead of apologizing for what she did, she apologized for the reactions of people she insinuated were overreacting.

The crux of the issue is that Miley doesn’t see what she did wrong. This issue doesn’t warrant legal action, but it does warrant a sincere apology. Miley has influence over young girls and she needs to impress upon them that what she did wasn’t okay. Even if she’s free in the eyes of the law, she still did something tasteless and needs to take responsibility.

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  1. Larry says:

    Come on everyone she did nothing wrong. Like none of you ever hung out with friends and took a silly photo that is all this was it was not racist rude discrimating it was a photo of Miley and her friends taking silly photos. The fact is that this particaler photo was pick because someone wanted an easy out. I agree with her apologizing for the photo being taking wrong she should not apologize for anything else because she did nothing wrong… We all take silly photos with friends no matter what age we are. In point stop trying to make something out of nothing…

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