Hana Kim was destined to become a musical genius. Growing up in a family of artists, musicians, singers, and directors, Kim learned how to play the piano at the early age of 7 and performing the classics including Schubert and Chopin. By middle school, she was playing the saxophone and guitar, but it was the saxophone that made her fall madly in love with performing in a band. Soon after, she started to write her own songs. During her second year of college, she began booking her own shows. However, when Kim moved to Paraguay for six months, she took her music to the next level and was inspired by the people, culture, and relationships.

“Paraguay holds a very special place in my heart. It was a drastic lifestyle change, but it was really a joyous one of just enjoying each moment with what you have. The life stories are what really changed me and encouraged me to serve more. I served at a local church and private school and taught kids music. People open up not when you give or offer something, but when you show them that you are the same person they are, not any better,” Kim says.

The song-writing process is different for every musician, but Kim’s soulful music touches every emotion. “Every song has a different story. It’s really hard to just sit down and try to be inspired. But usually in moments of extremes—extreme joy, sorrow, passion—I will be much more inclined to write an honest song,” Kim says.

When I first heard Kim’s latest single “Almost Famous,” I was pleasantly surprised by her bold lyrics and commanding voice. You definitely “feel” her music go through you and experience the life stories in each of her songs. “Last year, I wrote a lot about love, heartbreak, and self-exploration,” Kim says.

I’m glad I discovered Kim’s music. She is definitely one to watch in an industry of emerging Asian American singers and musicians. To learn more about Hana Kim, visit If you live in the West Hollywood area, watch Hana Kim perform in The Viper Room on Sunday, February 19.

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