Mochi contributor Esther Cho attended the Alpha Girls premiere party on Wednesday at the Greystone Manor Supperclub in West Hollywood, complete with a red carpet, screening of the first episode, and plenty of Asian Am celeb sightings, including Dexter’sC.S. LeeFar East MovementRoy Choi of Kogi, Dumbfoundead aka Parker, Ktown Cowboys, and Danny Im (the host of MNET America’s Danny From L.A. and former 1TYM band member).Here’s her chat with music producer Tokimonsta & Hellz Bellz fashion designer Miss Lawn, two of the four stars of Alpha Girls:

Miss Lawn and Tokimonsta on the red carpet.

Miss Lawn and Tokimonsta on the red carpet.

Esther Cho: Why are you an Alpha Girl?
Miss Lawn: I’m an Alpha Girl because I do things my way and I don’t take no for an answer. I’m the boss of my team but at the same time their mentor as well. I’ve been there since the incubator to see each and every person from my team grow into a family of 10.

EC: What does it mean to be an Alpha Girl?
Tokimonsta: The leader of the pack. On top of the game and always on the hustle.
Miss Lawn: Independence. No need to rely on anyone but myself. And sometimes you just have to put your foot down to have your voice heard so people know what you’re thinking and feeling.

EC: Who do you consider an Alpha Girl?
Tokimonsta: My mom. She drives me crazy but I look up to her a lot.
Miss Lawn: Beyoncé, because she’s the queen of music, fashion, she is everything!

EC: What is most challenging about your career?
Tokimonsta: Working with a crowd and essentially being an entertainer. It took a lot of work to learn the process of entertaining a variety of crowds while touring around the world.
Miss Lawn: Learning to find a balance between my personal and work life.

EC: Any words of wisdom to the aspiring producers/DJs/fashion designers and fans?
Tokimonsta: If you’re going to pursue music, go for it and put your heart into it in order to stand out!
Miss Lawn: Failure is key. I’ve learned the most when I’ve stumbled. Also be fearless and follow your passions. As much as parents try to mold you, don’t be afraid and settle. You can follow your dreams and still be successful.

EC: Most interesting project you’ve worked on?
Tokimonsta: When I DJ’d for Red Bull Music Academy, I was able to interact with other talented musicians.
Miss Lawn: I had a collab with Vans. It was exciting to work for a heritage brand that I grew up wearing but also because I was able to combine a twist of my own flair. And we have a Hello Kitty Anniversary collaboration coming up soon, so stay tuned!

If you missed the first episode on MNET America, watch it here on YouTube. Make sure to visit the Mochi blog every week for Esther’s recaps, which will include more exclusive interviews, behind-the -scenes fun, and peeks at the next episode! Follow Alpha Girls on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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