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Almost anything can be bought online these days–clothes, electronics, music, make up, and even the highly sought after ‘Mary’ toast. Although online shopping can be a bargain and variety haven, it also can be a curse in disguise. There are endless online vendors, stores, and websites that offer ridiculously low prices. Sometimes, they are too good to be true. So in order to be a savvy online shopper, here are some tips.

1. Watch out for shady sellers

There are scammers everywhere – and not just on eBay. Look out for bad ratings, amateur web design, and vague information about the product. When shopping online, make sure to shop safely, either by making sure the site or seller is reliable or by using a good money transfer source, such as PayPal.

2. Learn to compare

The Internet is full of e-commerce stores and many of them have the same product available for different prices. Compile a list of sites that you frequently shop at and constantly check for markdowns. There are also engines like Google Products Search that will list the site with the lowest price that you have entered in the search bar. Just make sure the store is legitimate!

3. Hunt for coupons, deals, etc.

Whether it is your mom clipping grocery coupons or your brother scouring the clearance gaming section, there are always ways to save money. One of the best ways to get a bargain is to look out for online coupons. Major sites, such as J. Crew or, almost always have one valid coupon code whether it is free shipping or 20 percent off. You can find out about these coupons through sites such as or by signing up for sites’ e-newsletters.

4. Try these great sites (a great site to save a lot on great designer pieces) (full of quirky items that you never knew you needed) (vendors sell handmade or vintage items) (the original variety and bargain haven) (the place to go for Asian-inspired goods)

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