Photo Credit: Mandy Yeh,   Designed by: Tery Hung

Photo Credit: Mandy Yeh,  Designed by: Tery Hung

Be the hottest girl on the playground—or park—with this winter’s hottest runway trends. Here’s how to rock faux fur, peplum and brocade, and make them your own.

Faux Fur – Tame the fierceness, don’t become it. Faux fur should be treated as an accessory that boosts your look and doesn’t resemble a prized kill. Keep it sophisticated with a woven, faux fur scarf over any outfit, or simply take a clip-on faux fur collar and attach it onto a basic cardigan or plain jacket for more of a luxe feel. With faux fur available in all shapes and sizes, try to be conservative with how much you decide to wear it. Faux fur vests are trendy, but it shouldn’t make an appearance as often as your sweatshirt hoodie.

Peplum – This is a great stylist trick for adding a little va-va-voom to your body form. For those of us not so blessed in the hip arena, you are in luck! For a little more (or a lot of) hip action, try on a peplum skirt, dress or even pants, accentuating your hips and cinching in your waist at the same time. To the untrained eye, a peplum detail gives off the illusion that your body is more proportioned.

Brocade – Brocade may remind you of tacky, gold shiny patterned wallpaper, curtains or upholstery. Here’s our take on simplifying it: because brocade is an embellished pattern, it should be toned down with neutral pieces or purposely, but tastefully, clashed with highlighter elements. For example, take a brocade gold skirt and pair it with a solid black plain scoop neck shirt, black stockings and patent pumps, and you’ve got yourself a festive outfit for any holiday party.

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