Fashion Week may be long gone, but for us at Mochi magazine, our “Style” Issue transcends the latest fashion trends. Your personal style isn’t defined only by the clothes, makeup, and accessories you wear; your personality, quirks, demeanor, family history, culture, and unique features make up the fabric of your personal style. In this issue, we caught up with fashion designer Marissa Webb, who has worked at J. Crew for 11 years and decided to break away and start her own clothing line. We also met up with the charming and breathtakingly handsome Korean American actor Daniel Henney, who showed us the vulnerable, humble side of being an actor in the cutthroat world of Hollywood. We also looked at different relationship styles. Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship, taking second chances, or experienced rocky roads in your relationships, relationships are held together by complementing styles, personalities, tastes, and passions. So no matter where you are in the road of life, we encourage you to embrace every part of you, live by your passion, and of course, celebrate life–with style.

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