u12809731The New York Times posted an interesting article yesterday, describing how Asian American families, in particular those of Chinese, Indian and Korean descent, still prefer to have sons as opposed to daughters. Statistics show that Asian American families are also more inclined to resort to in vitro fertilization or abortion if they find out they will be having a daughter instead of son. This trend isn’t surprising especially among new immigrant families, who are likely to adhere to the traditional values of their native countries. Ashley, a second generation Korean American from New Jersey, says “Even though many of us are second generation Asian Americans and far more liberal than our parents, we still carry on a lot of traditional ideas especially in terms of family.” Emily, a second generation Korean American from Connecticut, describes how younger generations are still influenced by the opinions and ideals of older generations. “Just yesterday my mom was telling me how her friend’s grandmother cried when her granddaughter was born,” she says.
Therefore, the question is whether or not this trend will pass down to second and third generation Asian American families. On one hand, the values of our parents and grandparents do affect us more than we would like to admit, but on the other hand, it’s doubtful that younger generations would continue to submit to such traditional standards. It seems younger generation Asian Americans are more concerned with personal inclinations when it comes to having children. “Personally, I never want to have boys,” says Emily, who comes from a family of all girls. Matthew, a second generation Chinese American from New York, says “I love girls! I don’t know why, but I want to have all girls. Ideally, however, I’d want a son first, just so that he can protect his younger sisters.” 

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  1. alice says:

    I’m not surprised that people still want sons over daughters. It’s going to take another couple (or hundreds) generations for feminism (in the sense of equality) to allow people not to care about which sex their children are. I have an older brother who I look up to (most of the time) and “protects” me. I’m grateful because there’s a lot of responsibility in being the older sibling and I’m glad I don’t have to be carrying any of it. hahaha
    For me, I want one of each so it can balance out.

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