Do you scramble to find the hippest or most intelligent-sounding quotes to list on your Facebook page, or agonize over which artists you should list under the music you listen to? When you see yourself in new pictures, do you subconsciously determine whether it might make for an attractive profile picture?
Many of us would say “yes” to these questions and shrug it off as a harmless case of Facebook addiction. However, a recent York University study published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behaviour, and Social Networking discovered an interesting link between the number of times a day students check their Facebook and their level of narcissism. Researchers asked students how many times they checked their Facebook page, followed by a psychological exam to determine how attention-seeking and self-important they felt. Was there a positive connection? You bet.

People may laugh at the study for perhaps pointing out the obvious, but the topic still resonated with me as a frequent Facebook user and college student. I’m not going to say we should quit Facebook altogether, but funky studies like these are helpful nudges to keep ourselves in check—no matter how cool your statuses and interests are, what people honestly care about is how fun and engaging you are in person. [via The Telegraph]

Photo: The Hindu

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