The LXD, which just finished its first season on Hulu, takes a mix of the stunts from “The Matrix,” the dance moves from “Step Up” and the awesomeness of Harry Shum, Jr. from “Glee” and manages to pack it into the running time of a short movie. The first season has 10 episodes, each of which focuses on the character and moves of a different dancer. From tap dancing and popping to parkour and breaking, the show features a wide variety of dance styles. On top of all this, the show manages to piece together a plot line that ties all of the episodes together. Oh, and did we mention that it has Harry Shum, Jr.? (He doesn’t appear until episode 8, but it’s well worth the wait.)
The Facebook group for the show and dance crew has already received more than 51,000 fans and counting. The second season has already been filmed and will hopefully premiere by the end of this year.

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