Want a lean and toned body without working out? Reebok says you can make it happen. The sneaker company recently released EasyTone walking shoes, which they claim will tone your legs and butt better than regular walking shoes. Through an aggressive marketing campaign of magazine ads, commercials, and Oprah’s seal of approval, the EasyTone sneakers have been selling like hot cakes, making it the most successful product Reebok has released in the past five years. So what’s the secret behind these incredible walking shoes that others don’t have?

While other walking shoes are built to support and offer cushioning while walking or running, the EasyTone sneakers have built-in pods that help create a natural instability so that your muscles work harder as you walk. Reebok claims that the balance pods under the shoe make the wearer work to stabilize their muscles, leading to a better toned legs and butt.

To prove that they work, Reebok went the extra mile to finance exercise studies to prove the magical shoes do, in fact, create more muscle engagement. A study was done at the University of Delaware with five women walking on a treadmill wearing the EasyTone shoes and various other Reebok sneakers. Using sensors that measure muscle activity, researchers found that wearing the EasyTone shoes worked the gluteal muscles 28 percent more than any other regular walking shoe.

Still, there’s no guarantee that wearing the EasyTone sneakers will continue to tone your muscles once you’ve become accustomed to the shoe or that they will continue to engage your muscles and change how they look over a period of time. And as for the EasyTone shoes “making my boobs jealous,” (their words, not mine), I’m not so sure my boobs would care if my calves were bigger. Have you bought a pair of EasyTone walking shoes? Are you seeing a difference?

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