-1The New York Times recently published an article about the addictive nature of Facebook users. The victims mentioned were all of high school or college age, showing how young adults are often overly concerned with maintaining their personal image and position in the social landscape. The experts in the article explained that a Facebook addiction is similar to any other psychological addiction—hard to break, with serious consequences.
As a college student, I can certainly relate to this article. Clearly, we are one of the most active—and unfortunately most addicted—age groups on Facebook. I see students on the site during lectures, in their dorm rooms, at the local Starbucks, you name it. It also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to point out that Facebook can consequently have a negative effect on study habits and grades.

Since quitting Facebook can be unrealistic in this day and age, a good solution is to find a balance. If you see your grades or social life slipping and you are logging onto Facebook 50 times a day, perhaps you should start to hear warning bells going off in your head. Personally, nothing beats an in-person hangout session with your closest girlfriends or guy friends — and yes, if you want to, you can write about it on your next Facebook status.