When applying to college, the rising cost of tuition can seem like a pretty daunting obstacle. Due to a decrease in college funds and private loan availability, not to mention a little situation called “the recession,” many of us (and especially our parents) are rightfully concerned about how we’ll be able to pay for college.
But before you start panicking, you should be aware of several recent changes regarding financial aid intended to make our lives a little easier. The new FAFSA application (http://www.Fafsa.gov), which everyone seeking federal aid is required to fill out, now has a much simpler and streamlined online application. For those of us who gave up on filling out the FAFSA due to its confusing questions and unnecessary length, this comes as a huge relief. In addition, thanks to Obama’s current push for more funding towards financial aid, $400 million in stimulus money is now going toward Pell Grants and work-study programs for students in need.

Besides filing the FAFSA and applying for academic grants or scholarships at the schools of your choice, here is an additional sampling of scholarships that are specifically geared toward Asian Americans and/or women. Some of their deadlines are quickly approaching, so take advantage of these opportunities before they are gone. Best of luck from us at Mochi!

Gates Millennium Scholars
For: High school seniors
Deadline: January 11, 2010

Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund
For: High school seniors
Deadline: January 18, 2010

Asian American Journalism Scholarship
For: High school seniors interested in pursuing careers in journalism
Application information will be available in February 2010.

Asian Pacific Fund (Numerous Scholarships)
For: High school seniors and college undergraduates
Deadline: March 31, 2010

Photo from SayCampusLife