Last week, the Joslin Diabetes Center hosted its annual food tasting/art event, A Spoonful of Ginger, at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Mass. I was invited to attend, along with Mochi founder Maggie Hsu and photographer Marc Camilon. This was especially exciting for me because I was going to meet some of my most favorite Boston chefs like Joanne Chang (Flour Bakery) and Ming Tsai (Blue Ginger). And I wasn’t let down.

There were a good number of restaurants represented there—approximately two rows of four to five tables on both sides of the lobby area, with the center occupied by tables for sitting and standing. It was, as expected, a very classy affair, with waiters and waitresses offering champagne and wine on trays, as well as silent auction tables with bids starting upward of $200. It was definitely an honor to be there and to meet all these supporters of Asian American awareness about diabetes, as well as to mingle with foodies and local chefs like Nina Simonds. She told us about how she was approached 10 years ago through a friend about whether or not the Asian American Diabetes Initiative (AADI) could borrow her book’s name, “A Spoonful of Ginger,” for the event. She realized—why not herself get involved as a chef? Others, like local restaurant owner of Yasu from Brookline, Mass., admitted that they’ve been a part of the event as long as they can remember—ever since Joslin first started it, as far as they know.

Although it sounds like blatant advertising, I must confess that all of us got third and even fourth helpings of Yasu’sjapchae and bulgogi(Korean noodles and marinated beef, respectively). Although I might be biased because I’m dating a Korean, I love Korean food. Surrounded by amazing food tasting and friendly company, and given the opportunity to meet the chefs behind yummy local restaurants, I was a very happy (and full!) Mochi blogger by the end of the night. With a ticket price of $250, you have to get parental permission to attend, but the amount and quality of food, the good cause you’re supporting, the atmosphere and company make that donation to Joslin worth every penny.

To find out more about diabetes and the Joslin Diabetes Center, head to the official website.

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