A Florida honors student is facing charges for pointing a stolen gun at her mother and forcing her to buy a used sports car. On Thursday, March 24, 17-year-old Rachel Hachero dropped by the car dealership Sutherlin Nissan in Fort Myers to look at cars, but she couldn’t get approved for a loan on her own and had to call her mother to co-sign. Her mother wasn’t too happy about her daughter’s desire for a 2004 black Nissan 350Z and refused. Later that evening, Rachel confronted her mother with a 9 mm gun, hit her over the head, held the gun against her mother’s body and demanded that they go to the dealership immediately to purchase the car, which the mother finally agreed to do.

The next day, Rachel’s mother contacted the police after discovering the gun along with drugs and drug-related paraphernalia in Rachel’s purse. However, she actually refused to press charges because Rachel had recently been accepted to several Ivy League schools on scholarship. The mother was afraid that being arrested would jeopardize her daughter’s future, but the police ended up arresting Rachel, who is now in a juvenile detention facility for aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony, one count of battery touch or strike and possession of a firearm by a person under the age of 18.

I couldn’t believe this news when I read it—the mother sounds completely insane. I would think that Rachel has more important issues, namely mental and emotional health, to deal with other than her acceptance to an Ivy League. Honestly, I doubt you would want your roommate to be someone capable of pulling a gun out on her own mother just to get a car, and not even a new one at that. What a twisted story of how a parent’s tunnel-vision focus on education and academic excellence can become more important than basic human morals.

Read more here, including an interview with the car salesman involved.

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