toni francesc3After sitting through countless shows during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, there’s a point at which they begin to blend. However, it’s usually right around that point when something refreshing comes down the catwalk and you’re reawakened. Toni Francesc was the designer to wake me up this season and get my fashion adrenaline pumping again.
Francesc’s fall/winter collection, titled “Artificial Life,” was a “metaphor relating to man and machine, offering a critical perspective of the future without overlooking the roots of the past and the world of handcrafted creation.” Embodying this notion, the models had an androgynous and startlingly identical look. Also unique to this show was the music, a clambering blend of industrial noises, which created an eerie atmosphere.

The pieces were structured with sharp lines and emphasis on the shoulders and hips. The angular forms were rendered in smooth cottons, viscose and silks. Keeping with the industrial theme, the color palette also consisted of shades of gray, with pops of rusted metal hues.

Photos from Toni Francesc’s F/W 2010 gift bag CD

Watch the Toni Francesc F/W 2010 runway show here:


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