Edward Wang is nicknamed “Godzilla” by his teammates—and he lives up to the name. At 6’5” tall and 314 pounds, Wang seeks to be the first Chinese American football player ever to get drafted in the National Football League (NFL) Draft.
Wang, who was the left tackle at Virginia Tech, has never been a stranger to sports. His athletic family encouraged him to participate in sports that are often void of Asians in the U.S., such as football and basketball. According to an article by Northwest Asian Weekly, Wang’s parents used both Chinese traditions and Western influences in his upbringing. “We had the best of both worlds,” said Wang, of his childhood.

Proof of Wang’s talent is difficult to miss. As early as high school, Wang was named the Gatorade State Player of the Year, and his hard work has won the praise and attention of coaches, teammates and recruiters across the nation. Curt Newsome, the offensive line coach at Virginia Tech, has confidence in Wang: “Football is important to [Ed]. [He] is very intelligent…he’s football smart. I think Ed will have a great opportunity at the next level as a guy who is going to continue to improve.”

For now, Wang can only anticipate the prospect of getting drafted. “It’s going to mean the world to me. It will make me so happy. It will make my parents happy, too. I am doing it for them,” said Wang.

The 2010 NFL Draft will take place from April 22 to April 24, and will be televised on ESPN and NFL Network. Click here for more info. Best of luck to you Edward!

[via Northwest Asian Weekly]